Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why A Walkable City Is Important

Fresh off the highs of the DNC, it is important to find out what people thought of our city.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC has become a great fan, and many of the great newspapers of our country all carried favorable reports of Charlotte.

We, who live here, recognize that a large part of the success of the calm convention was delivered by an influx of police that left some people feeling claustrophobic.  But is also exemplified the case for a walkable friendly city, one that Charlotte has become.

I have often told people the biggest difference between living in the suburbs and living in the city is that in the suburbs, when you are driving down a street, you would beep your horn at a friend in their yard or a passing car you recognized.  In the city, when you are walking down the street, it is much more likely that you will walk over to that friend and talk.

Here is a link to an article by a budding urban planner as to her experience and contrast of city and suburban life.  Go here.  It is a good read.

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