Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuesday, More Than A Chance of Showers

As Tuesday started, things began to turn into a routine.  People were getting used to all the police in the city and the delays and road closings.  Some thinges changed almost hour by hour.  The Secret Service has been in overall charge of all activities, and one might think that the confusion was planned not to give anyone a heads up as to how to "attack"!

All of my volunteers showed up for the Tuesday shifts.  Most of the day there was little for them to do other than talk to eachother.  The Colorado Delegates were in meetings mosts of the day, and then were getting ready for the opening ceremonies of the convention.

The protestors were active, but not totally disruptive, really a reflection to the incredible amount of security present. 

The tremendous increase in activity in and around downtown is a portent of things to come as Charlotte continues to grow as a city.  Traffic in the central core of the city will get more constrictive, forcing many to choose public transportation as opposed to fighting the crowds and high prices for parking.  There is little doubt that the city will end up this way.

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