Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday, A Day Of Celebration

Monday morning started early for me as I welcomed my volunteers at the Residence Inn by the BankofAmerica Stadium at 6:45 am.  I am not sure what surprise me more, that I was awake, or that anyone showed up! 

The volunteer presence consists of 4 people each shift, and there are 3 shifts per day.  The volunteers are generally over 50, and delighted to be part of the convention in any way they can.  Truly a feeling of patriotism.  As I explain their jobs to them, to a person they are concerned that they do a good job.  Upon leaving, I give them my card, and encourage them to think for themselves, but not to hesitate to call me for any issue.  I live close and can be there quickly.

Our marching orders are to smile and to respond to questions or issues from a delegate with "I will take care of that for you.".  There are a host of resources for us to use.

The day was built around "Carolina Fest" which was open to the public.  It consumed most of Tryon Street and was well attended.  There is also a large tented area with an exhibit called "The Presidential Experience" which contains a replica of Air Force One, the Oval Office, presidential cars, personal items from 12 presidents, etc.  Downtown was abuzz with people yesterday. 

James Taylor was holding a concert at the intersection of Trade and Tryon that was cut short by a cloudburst, a lingering effect of Hurricane Isaac.   Drenched, I retired to a friends and whipped up a bolognese sauce and had a great pasta dinner.

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