Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday A Day Of Police Presence

Getting up on Sunday morning was a bit of a challenge after working until midnight at the NCMF for the opening media party.  It started early as well, 6:45 am.  As Captain of the Residence Inn, I felt the need to show up to welcome the volunteers who agreed to sit at the Host Committee table and answer questions for the guests.

I found out late Saturday Night that I was also scheduled to be a volunteer myself at The Dunhill Hotel, and was scheduled to be there at 6:45 as well!

Yikes!  Fortunately, it was light at both locations, and I was able to accomplish that.

I had a brunch with a friend, and she commented to me how eerie it felt to have the police presence that is everywhere in the city.  I don't know the numbers but there are cops here from DC, Richmond, Chicago, and other nearby locales as well. I have seen stranger Police vehicles than ever.  I have seen cops swarming on bikes in packs of 12, Motorized dirt bikes in packs of 12, and the big escort motorcycles with their red-white-blue strobes.  There are swat teams present, there are other cops on foot in Keflar.  Quite a site.

My night job was to unload and load delegates as they came into the city for parties at the museums.  The process was not as organized as I would have liked, but we accomplished our duties.

It is a fun time to be in Charlotte.

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