Tuesday, June 12, 2012

City Council Goes Yard!

With relief pitcher Jerry Reese on the mound, and a generally tea-party infused group creating a ruckus, city council took a mighty swing and approved a financial structure that will allow the Charlotte Knights to actually become the CHARLOTTE Knights!

Using a strange metaphor, Council Member Andy Dulin claimed:

“This deal has been massaged and massaged,” Dulin said. “We have squeezed more wine out of the rock.”

I, for one, would like to find one of those wine producing rocks!

So, the situation now is that the Knights have found a sponsor along with founding partners, and have begun to take reservation for the private luxury suites, and 40% have been reserved.  My belief is that these will be hot tickets.

The task now for the Knights is to finalize their financing for the construction of the park.  Construction needs to be underway by October.

The first thing that will happen to form the land that will become the site of the stadium will be the elimination of the Third Street connector, also clearing way for the eventual move of the Greyhound Bus Terminal to the south side of Fourth Street, and the clearance of the site for the new Amtrak Station. 

I call that a pretty good squeeze!

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