Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bike Sharing Stations

Bicycle Sharing Station In Paris
First Charlotte began to put in EV Charging Stations at several locations around downtown, including the lot across from Rock Bottom, the Government Center Parking Deck, the parking deck for Discovery Place and in front of Starbucks in the Independence Building.  Certainly a big leap forward for a new technology trend.

Now word is out that an old technology, bicycles, will be finding a home in downtown and surrounding suburbs.  Mary Newsom broke it first on her blog, read it here.  While the pricing and functionality are still to be defined, there is a good chance it will be in place prior to the DNC in September.

I went out and found the Zoning request for these bicycles, see here for the zoning request.  When it gets that serious, you know it is coming.

This is important for Charlotte as a vacationing destination for many reasons.  People coming to the city to visit are less likely to try to explore nearby suburbs if they have to drive.  Where to park, how to get there, etc.  Additionally, riding a bike up Queens Drive, one of the prettiest streets in the city, is much more enjoyable if you are not going 50 miles an hour. 

It is also just a good way to get around for sporatic needs.  As a non-car person, I can see myself grabbing a bike riding to Great Harvest on Kings Drive for some fresh bread, and returning the bike to the station.  I only pay for what I use.

We certainly are not in "Old Charlotte" anymore.

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