Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More News About Electric Vehicles

I met a guy at The Dunhill last week named Brooks Agnew, President & CEO of Vision Motor Cars, Inc.  We met through my friend Bill Lamb owner of Amelies French Bakery in NoDa.  Bill is using one of Brooks vehicles to make deliveries to the downtown location of Amelies. 

As I have a strong interest in electric vehicles, I asked Brooks if he would write something for this blog, and he responded below.

America is in love with the automobile.  Our personal relationship with our cars and trucks is unique in history. Auto racing is among the most popular spectator sports ever created and dominates the expression of power and status in our society.  The American road has become the system by which everything we produce or consume travels by truck. 

The time has come; however, for this amazing myth to adapt to reality.  The cost of fuel for transportation has become too high for survival; in more ways than just the price at the pump.  The seasoned automotive engineers that founded Vision Motor Cars, with principal offices in Concord, North Carolina, have designed and built an affordable solution that is going into mass production this Spring.

The Everest light electric truck cab and chassis has finally completed the long road of product development to drive along side fuel-burners on the American highway.  The similarities are stunning.  The truck has heat and air conditioning, can drive 80 miles an hour, carry 1,000 pounds, and performs in every way just like its fuel-burning competition to distances up to 100 miles on a single charge.  Quite suitable for more than 90% of light truck operations in metro areas.

The differences are even more amazing.  The average light truck can travel about 17 miles on $3.45 worth of fuel.  The Everest can travel nearly 300 miles on the same money’s worth of pure, 100% American-made electricity.  Plug it in at your house with an ordinary outlet, drier outlet, or utilize the few high-power special charging stations slowly coming to the Charlotte area.  Or, you can just leave it in the sun, and it will charge itself up entirely for free.  Yes, they even have built in solar panels made right here in Concord to keep the batteries full.

The Everest is affordable at around $25,000 for the base model.  The VMC Urban Delivery Vehicle is perfect for hauling auto parts, appliances, furniture, and thousands of other items far more efficiently than a fuel-burning truck.  Hundreds of routes all over the city can be travelled without spending more than about a dollar a day.  No oil changes.  No belts, hoses, water, and no fuel of any kind.  After rebates, the average buyer could pay for the truck completely on the fuel savings in less than three years.  A small fleet could pay for a truck each year on the fuel savings directly to the bottom line, possibly making that critical competitive difference for any small business operator.  The VMC Everest is a vital hedge against the volatility of fuel prices.  While your fuel-burning competitors are cutting people to keep driving, you can rest easy as you drive past all the fuel pumps without looking.

When VMC production begins to meet the current high demand for the truck then the commuter cars will start coming off the line.  Their plans are to bring 1,200 good-paying jobs to Cabarrus County making affordable highway-ready electric vehicles.  A modern vehicle for a modern mankind.  Drive Electric.

Lower costs, help the environment, allow for more density, all things that will help an urban environment like Charlotte to increase property values.

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