Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bumps On The Tracks

"You have to break an egg to make an omelet!"  That is always the case.  Progress means changes in how things are done, and sometimes it can negatively impact some.  This article talks about how changes to the tracks will affect Harrisburg and its residents.

My belief is that we as a country are about to embark on rebuilding a rail system to connect inner cities as an alternative to air travel and highways.  Perhaps slower than air travel, but riders are deposited directly into a downtown area, in most cases closer to their final destination.  Trains are additionally not as confining as a plane, wider aisles, dining cars, etc.  The seats generally provide more personal work space.

Rail infrastructure will define how cities grow, and without good rail connections, we will be passed by.  Think back to the comedy Blazing Saddles.  The premise of that movie was who would get a rail stop and who would not.  Rail traffic in the 1800's built this country and defined where cities are located. It is happening again.

We in Charlotte have a secure spot on the future of inter-city rail connection.  The new AMTRAK station will be located on Trade and Graham Streets, and will quickly become an important part of the city.  The proximity to the station will increase property values in the downtown market.

So, looking at that article about the disruption of the current way of life in Harrisburg, we have to look at the general benefits for this society at large.  Additionally, a change in Harrisburg does not mean the end of Harrisburg, but rather the opportunity for changes to meet the future.

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