Friday, September 9, 2011

New Yorkers Move To Charlotte

While some of the numbers in an article in the New York Post seem a bit unbelieveable, the thrust of this article remains pretty accurate, go here to read the full article.

People in this article point to incredibly high property taxes, as well as car insurance, something that people seldom think about when talking about where they live.  In this instance, a persons car insurance has been cut from nearly $3,000 to $850 a year. 

As I repeatedly suggest, trends are something that happen slowely but consistantly.  Look at the Colorado River's trend started some millions of years ago along a plateau which has developed into the Grand Canyon.  The New York Post is responding to a trend that they can detect at their end that will benefit us.  And they are not the only location, other cities are experiencing the same trend.

The cost of living here remains extremely attractive and that will be the driving force that will fuel the continued growth of our region.  With these people come energy and excitement.  With these people will come new companies both big and small. 

Couple this with the planned structured growth of the five Transit Corridors and infill density.  Existing properties will increase in value with the increased density.

The future looks bright for Charlotte.

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