Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kanvas, An Urban Nightspot

A friend of mine told me he was going to hear some live jazz last night at Kanvas.  I have known about Kanvas since it's opening about a year ago.  A blend of Art Gallery and Lounge, I could not find when it was open, and never took the time to find out.  That changed last night.

First, Kanvas is located in the Court 6 Condominium building located on the corner of East Sixth and Davidson Streets.  It's tall ceilings give the feeling of a much bigger space.  There is a well stocked bar, and soon will have a kitchen to prepare snacks.  Currently, they have an arrangement with Kalu, and a special menu.  Open Wednesday through Saturday from 6 pm to 2:30 am.

Live Jazz is featured every other Friday and the next live Jazz will be September 30th.

The music, art, and friends were great, but the best part is it is a 5 block walk from home!  It is venues like this that make urban living more attractive,and the more attractive that lifestyle becomes, the more it affects property values.

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