Friday, July 15, 2011

Possible Re-Birth Of The Encore On Tryon

Go to this link to see the revised plan for the Carolina Theatre renovation and development.  Originally, this was going to be a 20 story high end condo project with the quirky feature of having car elevators deposit your vehicle just outside your door, regardless of the floor you were living on!  Quite a concept. 

The recession and financial considerations by the developer has scrapped the original project in favor of a smaller building, but one that will assist in restoring the Carolina Theatre.  This is a welcome bit of news as it will accomplish several things.  It will remove an unsightly empty corner on Tryon across from The Historic Dunhill Hotel; It will renovate the Carolina Theatre into a functioning venue again; It will help to shift some entertainment back to the north end of Tryon Street, and signal a renewed interest in redevelopment in the First and Fourth Wards.

While the project is not a sure thing at this point, the concept and timing are great.

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