Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charlotte Is A Best Value City

The Kiplinger Newsletter has proclaimed Charlotte to be the 2nd "Best Value" city in the country.  Go Here to see the article.

This again points toward trends that are developing Charlotte.  Great weather; great business climate; low cost of living; low taxes; and an educated labor market. 

Much has been written about the Epicentre over the years, some good some bad.  Some complain that Gahzi took advantage of the city and contractors with some lawsuits still waiting to be settled.  Without getting into the legal ramifications of that, the accompanying picture of the Epicentre shows the impact that it is having on the city.  There has been a significant move off of Tryon Street to College Street, and the Epicentre is a big part of that.

Most weekend nights finds the restaurants and bars packed.  It is a true destination, and the location by the LYNX and the proximity to the Time Warner Cable Arena provide a steady stream of people.

Think back to the monolith that the old convention center was, and the hole that it put in the fabric of downtown.  We have come a long way, and Epicentre has been a big part.

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