Saturday, June 11, 2011

More News About The Rental Trend

Earlier this week I wrote of the increasing activity in the rental market in downtown Charlotte.  I have come across some supportive information concerning the national trend of increasing rentals.  Go here to read the entire article.  It outlines the 10 best markets for Real Estate Investors.  There are several interesting points in the article.  Here is a quote that I find is extremely relevent:

"The results of the analyusis mirror two major economic trends: population growth and improving employment.  In the past decade, the South has seen the biggest jump in population, up 14.3% to about 114 million people according to the U.S Census Bureau.  The second most populated region, the West, saw its population jump 13.8% to nearly 72 million."

While this article focuses on investors buying property at bargain prices and turning them into rent producing properties, it ties in with my findings that the rental market is doing very well, and that the desire to move into an urban environment is stronger than it has ever been.

As difficult as the times may seem for us, the trend holds great promise for Charlotte and the entire Southeast.

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