Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Hotel Coming To EpiCentre Replacing 210 Trade Condo's?

Back in February when Charlotte was named the host city for the Democratic National Convention, I made a number of predictions.  Here is one of them:

"It has already been announced that The Park will begin its reconstruction early this year. The new configuration of The Park will create over 100 hotel rooms in addition to over 80 condos. Its location between the convention center and the arena almost guarantees its success. I would also expect to see the Two Ten Trade site be reconfigured into a major hotel. Situated in the heart of the city and across from the arena, this site is begging to be completed. It will be a shame that the residential market will not be in a position to take it, but a hotel there makes sense."

Well, The Park, now called Skye, is a beehive of activity, and a number of rumors have surfaced that an announcement is forthcoming that the former site of 210 Trade Street will become the site of a major hotel, and that hotel chain appears to be a W brand.  The fact that the foundation is already there to support a 50 story building, an intensified construction campaign could have it built in time for the DNC in late August 2012. 

This bit of news will also cast a lot of attention on the cleaning up of the Transportation Mall, the site of a recent fracas following the closing of Speed Street.  There may even be renewed interest in relocation of the Transportation Mall, though that would be difficult.

Stay Tuned!

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