Thursday, April 1, 2010

The New Urban Century

This picture was taken from the intersection at Seventh and Tryon. It is a prime examples of what Michael Smith is talking about in an article published in the April 1st edition of CNN Living.
The picture is the recently completed renovation of St. Peters Episcopal Church with the looming presence of The VUE Charlotte behind it. The contrast of the 108 year old building and the still unfinished VUE speaks volumes to Charlotte being willing to keep what is good, and add to it.
If you look the other way from this intersection, you will see the rising structural support beams for the UNCC Uptown Classroom Building. It is about 3 floors from completion, and the visual impact that it is having on the city is incredible.
I believe that much like the changes that have taken place since BankofAmerica created the Gateway Village area, UNCC will pull development towards it, further expanding downtown Charlotte, and increasing property values along the way
"As you look at the cities that are going to thrive in the next century, there's a belief that we're entering the urban century," says Michael Smith in an article in USAToday. "There's a new urbanism that's not about cul-de-sacs or expressways. It's sidewalks, bike paths and parks." "We're creating infrastructure for human beings, rather than automobiles."

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