Sunday, April 11, 2010

Molly McPhersons Will Occupy "Big Daddy's"

New restaurants are beginnig to open. The Observer had an article on Sunday 4/11/10 talking about Jim Nobles new restaurant called "Kings Kitchen", and promises of a version of "Roosters" downtown by the end of the year.
Another planned opening by another group is Molly MacPherson's. "Our plans are to welcome you to our newest pub early July 2010! We are planning to take the space formerly occupied by Daddy's American Bar & Grill on the corner of W. 5th and N. Church. We hope it will become your new favorite place to hang, grab some delicious food, and enjoy a drink or three."
With Ri Ra's and Connolly's just up Fifth Street, we will have plenty of places to watch soccer on the big screen!

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