Friday, March 12, 2010

Is Your Agent Working In YOUR Best Interest?

There is a real estate firm town (not Center City Realty) that, as a policy, pays its’ agents more per transaction if they sell one of the firms own transactions. In some cases, the agent may receive twice as much if they sell one of the firm’s listings than if they were to sell one of a Keller Williams agent as an example. As a buyer, this should concern you as it does me.

As a buyer, I would be concerned the agent I just hired may only show the listings that benefit them financially the most instead of the best options to fit my needs. Maybe they are showing all the listings but being more persuasive towards the ones that pay more over others.

During the home search phase of the buying process, the agent’s role is to provide perspective and information to assist the buyer in making their own decision. As a home buyer looking to hire a real estate agent, ask them directly if they there are properties that they are being incentivised to show and sell you.

As a matter of practice, when a "realtor bonus" is being offered, I forward that to the buyer.

What do you think?

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