Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walkability Remains Important

There is no questioning the success of the LYNX Blue Line as it heads from downtown through the SouthEnd.  The wasteland that was once unused warehouses and vacant lots is all but gone as apartments and condo's rule the day.

Springing up along with these residential dwellings are restaurants, and shops, all because of the walkability factor that the rail line is providing.

Here is an article from RIS Media talking about the new demographics and how they are influencing choices that people are making about where to live.

Downtown is benefiting as well from not only the rail line, but also the walkability of the center city.  Look no further than the transformation of the Third Ward with Romare Bearden Park, soon to be completed BBT Stadium, the Childress Klein Apartments on Mint and MLK, Jr. Blvd, and a host of soon to be announced developments within blocks of there.

I divested myself from owning a car about 10 years ago and it has not been a problem for me to get around.  Others I know are reducing cars from 2 to 1 as they find that they are not using both anymore.

This trend is in full swing and will only increase as Charlotte continues to grow.

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