Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Density Rules

Go Here to read an article in PlanCharlotte concerning population growth in the Carolinas.  If you read through the entire article, you will find that while Charlotte is growing, it is not the fastest % of growth.

Several factors contribute to that, most notably, with a large population, percentage of increase, even with large numbers, will be low.

More importantly, the article points out that the center of the metropolitan area is growning faster than suburban locations.  Density is a fact of life!

Developers are finding it harder to find land to develop in the urban core, and when they do, they seek height.

Transportation spokes are also becoming increasingly important.  Taking the LYNX Blue Line south to 485 will take you through a canyon of apartment developments springing up all along the line.  The BLE (Blue Line Extension) which will head northeast up to UNCC will also spur that type of growth.  Already there are over 600 apartments that have been announced to be constructed within 1/4 mile of the East 36 Street station, and that line will not be active for 4 more years.

Look forward to continucd growth in the urban core.

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