Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charlotte's Best Spot To Build

It Probably Will Not Look Like This
On the heels of the successful selling of the renovated Metropolitan LIfe Building turned into condos, a bold announcement was made for a new development across the street, 300 South Tryon. It was to be a mixed use facility, commercial and residential on top.

Pre-sales were brisk as people were lining up to buy these units, many which would have looked out over the then proposed Third Ward Park. The setback from Third Street was to have been wide enough, 25 feet, to allow for a grand entrance to the park.

We all remember what happened in 2008 don't we?

So now it is 2012, and we have been the site of the Democratic National Convention. The North Carolina Music Factory has proven to be a hit. Epicentre, despite the developers difficulty has been a success. The Romare Bearden Park in the Third Ward is under construction, and across from the park, BB&T Stadium is changing the face of Graham Street. Indications are that there will be a hotel out in Left Field, and Childress Klein has designed a 21 story apartment building to flank The Catalyst.

The location of the 300 South Tryon bulding is absolutely prime for development.

From a people point of view, there will be somewhere around 1,000 people living within 1 block of the park. They all have friends, so maybe double the number of people who will have an interest in that area. It is safe to assume that other developments will follow.

But getting back to the spot where 300 South Tryon holds, it will have frontage on Tryon as well as frontage on the new park, and the emerging Third Ward, the best of both worlds. It is for this reason that I believe it will be the next major project in Charlotte.

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