Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wine Tastings At The Public Market

As many of you know, when Reid's closed their Seventh Street Station location, the wine tasting group I belonged to moved to The Historic Dunhill Hotel.  It has proved to be a good move.

But now, The Public Market that has taken the former Reid's site has added a wine vendor, Bond Street Wines.  They held their first tasting last Thursday evening, and had a nice crowd show up. 

Their wine selection, while not as broad as Reid's, contains some recognizable labels as well as some specialty labels that they import themselves.

It has been 2 years since I last sat in that building and enjoyed a glass of wine, and it brought back nice memories.  But those pages have been turned.

The Public Market is slowly gaining momentum.  Additional anchor tenants are coming in and some of the existing tenants are gaining broad support.  While the acceptance of the Market will hinge on repeat customers, those customers will only return if they can appreciate the value of a Market like this.

The Public Market is trying to condense decades of familiarity that other Public Markets around the country have developed into a few years.  The success of this Market will help to further develop a positive growth for our property values.

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