Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big Deal For Charlotte

Example of a Multi Modal Facility
Charlotte is lucky to have Jerry Orr!

He is legendary for his almost dictatorial control over the operations of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport.  He is to the airport what Hugh McColl is to city building.

Today, the Charlotte Observer printed this story about the beginning of construction of a multi-modal facility located between two runways at the airport.  It is something that many of us will hardly notice as it is far from the public view.  The construction will take several years, and when it is completed, Charlotte will have a state of the art distribution yard that can mix rail, ship, truck and air cargo.

I have written elsewhere concerning the widening of the Panama Canal, and the implications of the markets on the East Coast that will now have direct access to shipments from Asia.  Charlotte stands to directly benefit from that.

Charlotte also is within 600 miles of the majority of East Coast populations centers.

This facility will also serve to create jobs and expand growth in a non-financial industry, further broadening our employment base.  It will serve as a catalyst to companies looking to relocate headquarters and businesses here.

On a more one on one basis, the relocation of the shipping facility from its current location on North Tryon covering about 40 acres just north of downtown will open that area for future growth.  This acreage will sit on the LYNX Light Rail expansion to the University area.

It will also eliminate hundreds of tractor trailer trips through the downtown area, lessening the wear and tear on our roads, and making the city more pedestrian friendly.

Jerry Orr is not the only person who made this possible, but his single focused management of the airport has kept its operations separate from city involvement. 

Thanks Jerry.

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