Monday, March 5, 2012

New Office Space For Church Street Realty

March 1 2012 found me hanging out in a new office space on West Trade Street. 

It was funny how this happened, I was looking to try to help a friend find space in that area, and in the process, found that a small but affordable office would be unused as part of the changes.

I did the standard Benjamin Franklin pros and cons and discovered that it made more sense to be around people than not.  In this new office, I will be sharing the water cooler with other professionals as well as other industries that I currently do not have any tie with.  These budding relationships will be beneficial as the housing market continues to grow.

The building itself sits across from the Federal Courthouse Building, destined to become part of Queens College in the not too distant future. It is one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in Charlotte with it's distinctive green terracotta facade.

With the advent of the "Cloud", my files are always with me via any computer,or even my phone!  And speaking of my phone, 704-236-7119, this is my only number, no office number, no pager, just 704-236-7119, it is always with me.

My website, is already producing leads for me, and my blog site, has also added leads from all over the world for me.  I post many of the articles from this newsletter as well as other content on my blog, so please check it out, and add an RSS feed.

An additional benefit of being in an office environment is to get out of the house.  As a realtor, I often say that I am always at work.  While that can be good, there are times when separation is a good thing too!

So, the next time you find yourself walking down West Trade Street, pop in 402 West Trade Street, Suite 102 and say Hi!

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