Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally, The Courtyard Is Back!

It seemed like forever, the noise, the dust the workers all scurrying around removing tiles, dirt, trees, shrubs and the green as well.  It started because the parking garage in under the TransAmerica building, which is also under the 400 North Church Condominiums, was leaking! 

The original seal was allowing water to enter into the garage, and in addition to causing some damage to the finish of cars, could cause significant damage to the structure itself.  Water is one of those non stoppable forces that can have a significant impact.

All areas over the parking garage had to be empties and resealed, including all the planters.  It seems unlikely that this year will feature the trees being strung with lights for the holidays.

The repair work took about 10 months, and cost the buildings owner several million dollars to repair.  Watching some of the work be done, I will be surprised if any moisture will ever penetrate the barriers that were laid down.

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