Friday, August 5, 2011

Northeastern University Picks The Independence Building

In my July newsletter I pointed out activity taking place at the former site of  TheVUE 's sale center on the corner of Trade and Tryon.  At that time, the occupant was "unnamed", but there sure was a lot of work taking place.  This was in the August 5th edition of the Charlotte Observer, go here for the full article.

"After an 18-month study, the school announced in May it had chosen uptown Charlotte to make its first physical expansion outside of Massachusetts.  It declined then to release information about the nine graduate programs, but disclosed details this week after a request by the Charlotte Observer.

In addition to the doctorate program, the offerings would include an MBA degree and master of science degrees in finance, taxation, project management, sports leadership, leadership, education and health informatics.

The doctorate will be among the few in the country delivered online and in the classroom by a "nationally recognized, top-ranked university," said Cheryl Richards, Northeastern's dean and chief executive in Charlotte.  The school, Richards said, hopes to hear in October about the licensing from the UNC Board of Governors, the state's higher education licensing authority. If successful, it would start graduate programs in January.

The school must be optimistic: It has hired Richards away from Central Piedmont Community College and renovations are underway for its new uptown campus.

Northeastern couldn't have picked a more central site in Charlotte: 14,000 square feet on two floors in the 20-story 101 Independence Center at Trade and Tryon streets.  It will have street-level presence, taking some of the first floor.

The school would depend heavily on drawing uptown working professionals.

"The campus in Boston is urban, right in the heart of the city where it can stay in touch with the growing needs of the business community," Richards said. "For us, it's really important to be at the center of Charlotte's growth."

This continued expansion of non-financial service industries in Charlotte will make the entire community stronger.  Welcome NEU!

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