Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Beginning Of The First Ward Park

Dirt is being turned on the corner of West Eighth and Brevard Streets in the First Ward.  The UNCC Downtown Classroom building is nearing completion and is scheduled for a fall opening, and the accompanying parking deck and public park is about to begin.  This reshaping and redefining of this area will be a welcome change to the surface parking lots that have been there.  Go here for construction diagrams of the park's layout.

This park has been long delayed but signals a start to North Tryon activity that has the potential to reshape the First and Fourth Wards similar to the fashion that the Levine Museum Complex has reshaped the Second and Third Wards. 

The major difference between these two sections of the city is that there is a much higher concentration of residents already living in the First/Fourth Wards

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