Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Are People / Companies Moving Here

Charlotte's growth, even during the Recession, continued to increase.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 people a month targeted the Charlotte Region as a place to live.  January 10th, the largest accounting firm in the southeast was created when a firm from Winston-Salem, Dixon Hughes, and
a firm from Virginia Beach, Goodman & Company, merged and made Charlotte their corporate headquarters.

Opportunities for better jobs or better weather, present time excluded, are bringing people here.  Better business conditions, or opportunities for growth are bringing companies here.  The two feed off eachother.

Couple with that the increased cost of living in the north.  Here is an article from Associated Press concerning Illinois raising their personal tax rate 66%!  Wow!

The infrastructure costs, and pension / health care costs continue to rise while the current revenue base continues to not be able to meet the committments.  As companies look to control expenses, this tax will be a major consideration.  As people look to control their expenses, this again will be a major consideration. 

Illinois is just one example.  Any and all of the northern states are in a position to do the same.  Look out, here they come.

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