Monday, October 18, 2010

Could The VUE Consider This?

Before I get into this, please note that this is just pure speculation.  I have not talked to any potential owners, and I have not talked to the developer or the sales team for The VUE.

That said, please go to this article:  Equity Sharing  It might be a vehicle that would allow someone to close on this property without the developer having to make pricing adjustments from the contract price to meet the current appraisal value.

In this situation, again this is just unsupported conjecture, a unit which went under contract for $1,000,000 with a $150,000 down payment might only appraise for $800,000.  A lender would in most cases only provide financing for $640,000, leaving a shortfall of $210,000.  The developer might choose to do an Equity Sharing agreement, taking that $210,000 as part ownership in the property. 

If as the developer says, the property will increase in value as we climb out of this recession, the developer may stand to make more long term profits on the property, if not, the developer will stand to recoup the investment upon the sale of the property. 

Sale prices will be maintained for appraisal value, and mortgages will be able to be obtained.

Not a perfect situation, but food for thought on a sunny October morning.

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