Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GMAC On South Church?

Another piece of refreshing news came last week with the announcement that GMAC bank will be bringing an additional 200 financial services jobs to Charlotte.
GMAC currently has a location in Ballantyne with around 260 employees that will be relocating into downtown Charlotte to be joined by the new jobs.
That announcement will mean the infusion of 460 people into our downtown workspace.
The exact site for GMAC Bank has not been announced, but there are several good candidates. One is the soon to be completed NASCAR Plaza Building. As GMAC is a major credit arm for the auto industry, this might seem to be a natural location.
A second location, and probably a better one, is the Novare office building located at 440 South Church Street. The beauty of that building is that any building signage will have a Tryon exposure since it is located behind the new Arts Complex. Many of these new downtown workers will seek housing here, which will help downtown to lead the recovery.

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